Saturday, October 20, 2012

הרהורים THOUGHTS book two 21-end

21. One who has thoughts of having relations with a gentile girl, it is certain that he will experience some downfall, or his wife and children will get sick.

22. Through thoughts of idol worship, enemies come and become elevated over a person.

23. To nullify promiscuous thoughts, one should imagine the image of his father.

Good advice regarding evil thoughts is to get mad about something. This is alluded to in the verse, "Rage and do not sin". [I heard from our master, of blessed memory, that the intent is to rage and get angry at oneself. This is hinted at in the words of our rabbis, of blessed memory: A person should always enrage his good inclination over his evil inclination, as it is written, "Rage ..", that is, to rage and get angry at oneself. But not to, G-d forbid, actually get angry, because the sin of anger is extremely grave, as is known.] 

It is also a segula (conducive) to uproot from one's place and and go to another place. It is also good to jump from one's place.

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