Monday, October 22, 2012

אמונה Faith - book one - 43 - 53

43. Jerusalem will only be redeemed through charity.

44. War is the beginning of the redemption.

45. Someone who raises pigs, he holds back the redemption.

46. Jerusalem will not be rebuilt until there is peace among Israel.

47. The fact that Israel goes in exile from nation to nation is a sign that the Messiah will come.

48. When the nations exceedingly disgrace us, this is a sign of the Messiah.

49. The Holy Temple will not be built until arrogance ceases.

50. Through the unity that will exist in Israel, the Messiah will come.

51. The Messiah will come in a year of blessing.

52. The Messiah will not come until all the souls have left the [supernal] body.

53. Someone who marries off his daughter to a Torah scholar, gives him to benefit from his wealth, and does business for a Torah scholar, merits the Resurrection of the Dead.

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