Monday, October 22, 2012

אמונה Faith - book one - 33 - 42

33. Through faith, the Holy One Blessed be He will forgive you for all of your sins.

34. Sometimes, the Holy One Blessed be He sends suffering to a person and smites him, but does not cast him down into weakness. This is only for the sake of faith.

35. Through a false oath, one falls from faith.

36. Someone who lacks faith does not accept moral criticism.

37. Someone who does not believe in the words of the Tzadik, ultimately, he will have no benefit from the matter, even thought he sees [the matter come to pass].

38. Someone who lacks faith, it is certain that the decrees of the Holy One Blessed be He are despised by him.

39. The Messiah will come quite suddenly. As a result, because of joy, Israel will be frightened.

40. When the Messiah comes, then all the ministers above and below will get sick. But now, when a minister ascends, Israel are sickened.

41. In the time to come, each one who is younger in years than his fellow, will be higher.

42. Jerusalem was only destroyed because they profaned the Sabbath, nullified the recital of the Shema in the morning and evening, nullified [the Torah learning and prayer of the] young children (
tinokos shel bais rabban), were not ashamed one from another, made the small and the great equal, and also did not rebuke each other, (and) also humiliated Torah scholars, (and) also men of faith desisted from her.

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