Wednesday, October 24, 2012

פדיון שבויים REDEEMING PRISONERS book two


1. Through lewdness, one falls into incarceration or foot pain sickness. Also, a student who had not reached the level of delivering a halachic directive, yet prescribes, falls into this. Also, damaging spirits rule over (/afflict) him.

2. Charity is a
segula (conductive) to nullifying all of those punishments.

3. Due to not requesting compassion on behalf of one's friend, as a result, one falls into incarceration. And a remedy for incarceration is to support some living creature.

4. Through having marital relations on days on which such relations are forbidden, through this one falls into incarceration.

5. When one of the children of Israel falls into incarceration, as a result, according to his aspect, the wellsprings of wisdom are sealed up from the wise of the generation, and the opposite is true when he is freed from incarceration.

6. Sometimes, through incarceration, one is saved from loss of children.

7. Through
lushon hura (slander), one becomes incarcerated.

8. The hairs that grow on a person and the clothes on a person at the time that he sits in captivity, an ugly spirit rests upon them which makes a person ugly and degraded.

9. Making an effort to free prisoners is a
segula (conducive) for child-bearing.

10. Someone who is involved in freeing prisoners, through this, the great ones of the generation are included in him.

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