Monday, October 29, 2012

כבוד HONOR: book one 1-14

book one

1. When there is a desire to discourage a man from serving G-d, they give him honor in order to distract him.

2. One who speaks against the Tzaddik ends up humiliated in everyone's eyes.

3. One who belittles himself each day in his own eyes, merits that his name will not be forgotten by the people, and people will name their children after him.

4. Tikkun Chatzot (the Midnight Lament) is a segula (conducive) for honor.

5. One who causes the Blessed Holy One[’s glory] to be raised high, he becomes famous.

6. One who offends the honor of tzaddikim, through this he falls into weakness.

7. Hugging the Torah scroll is a segula (conducive) for honor.

8. Through humility comes honor.

9. Sometimes a man receives honor and greatness because of the merit of one of his household.

10. One who says "I did not sin" is despised in everyone's eyes.

11. Most of the humiliations that come upon a man are due to the sins of his youth.

12. Extraordinary thirst is a sign of descent from honor.

13. One who saves a Torah scroll from any danger of destruction merits to honor.

14. The words of an honored man endure.

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