Saturday, October 20, 2012

הרהורים THOUGHTS book two 10-20

10. Through tithing, thoughts of promiscuity are nullified.

11. Sometimes, it will arise in a person's thought that he will think about some illness. This is caused by Hashem, may He be Blessed, in order that he should remind himself to fix the evil thought which is the cause of that illness.

12. Thoughts of idol worship, thoughts of immorality, bloodshed and evil speech come to someone who is accustomed to making vows, but they become nullified by the leader of the city, who arranges the fines and taxes upon each person, according to the amount that each one can handle.

13. When a person goes out to the market and is fearful lest he come to evil thoughts from what he sees, that he might see attractive women, he should recite the verse, "Behold, their brave ones (angels) cried out ..." (Isaiah 33:7). Through this, he will be saved from seeing.

14. Someone who has thoughts of idol worship, should know that the hand of the nations of the world will reign upon him.

15. In a city that has fairs and big market days, there [you will find] many thoughts of idol worship. A
segula for this is to toil in Torah on market days, and thoughts of idol worship will not come to him.

16. When one nullifies thoughts of idol worship, through this, all of his sins are forgiven.

17. Gazing to the east nullifies promiscuous thoughts.

18. Crying nullifies promiscuous thoughts.

19. The nullification of thoughts of idol worship comes through [holy] enthusiasm.

20. Through deception, one comes to thoughts of promiscuity with a non-Jewish woman.

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