Tuesday, October 23, 2012

יראה FEAR OF G-D 15-27

15. Someone who has fear of Heaven can break the heart of the haughty ...

16. ... and draws down the Divine Presence into the world ....

17. ... and comes into the grip of submission [to G-d].

18. Also, the instigator is not able to deviate him.

19. One who constantly clings to the fear of Hashem, may He be Blessed, the Holy One, Blessed be He, does miracles for him.

20. One who is constantly connected to the fear of G-d and does not forget about it -- all of his sins are pardoned.

21. One who has fear of G-d will certainly listen to the voice of the righteous.

22. He will also come to the attribute of trust [in G-d].

23. Through fear (of Heaven) the Holy One, Blessed be He, gives him peace.

24. Someone who does not have fear of G-d, does not walk in the way of Hashem.

25. Through fear of G-d, one comes to truth.

26. One who has fear of G-d does not fall from his greatness, and keeps getting greater.

27. One who has the wisdom of Elokim (G-d) in his heart, the people will be afraid of him.

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