Tuesday, October 16, 2012



1. The letters Aleph-Tav-Heh subdue the evil husks.

2. Protection for a woman giving birth is to write on parchment the verse "Hashem, Your hand was lifted up high, they did not see; [they shall see and be ashamed about Your jealously for the people, the very fire for Your enemies consumes them.]" (Isaiah 26:11)

3. Evil husks are found in ruins.

4. A candle subdues the dominion of the evil husks.

5. A person's good fortune protects him from being harmed.

6. The seven cries that David uttered at the water, when recited, subdue the evil spirit.

7. Damaging forces are found in pits, just like they are found in fields.

8. A place where people are not found, demons are common there even during the day. But in the city, even at night, we are not wary.

9. On the north side, demons are very much revealed to people.

10. A segula (propitious) way to chase away the evil spirit is to recite the Torah portion of Noah.

11. When speaking with a wicked person, through the breath of his mouth we become more coarse (more physical).


1. There are demons that are found in homes which ruin peace in the home, and as a result there is anger and quarreling in the home. The mainstay of the home is the wife, because one's "house" is his wife. Therefore, in general, the quarreling mainly comes from her. Sometimes, [the demons] become attached to the other members of the home. and as a result, they create quarreling and complaints, as [in the case of the wife]. Through this, suffering comes to the members of the household. This is explained in the verse, "Their homes are at peace from fear ...". Our sages of blessed memory explained: "from fear" refers to demons. Hence, "at peace from fear": because peace is the opposite of "fear", which are the demons that ruin peace. " ... and the rod of G-d is not [upon them]", referring to the aforementioned suffering.

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