Monday, October 22, 2012

אמונה FAITH - book one 1-9

אמונה FAITH

book one

1. It is necessary to believe in Hashem, may He be Blessed, by way of faith and not by way of proof.

2. Through humility, you merit faith.

3. When you see something unusual happen, do not say it happened by chance. Rather, believe that this is the providence of Hashem, may He be Blessed.

4. There are things that cause great damage to the world. This is a difficult matter -- why were they created? You should know that, certainly, they have one good aspect in them.

5. Someone who enjoys the words of a heretic, even if the words are not heretical, through this, he comes to thoughts of idol worship.

6. Through faith, a person is beloved to Hashem, may He be Blessed, as a wife is to her husband.

7. Someone who does not prepare his heart, is not able to come to faith.

8. Someone who has lost something, it is certain that he fell from his faith.

9. Someone who lost his faith, should go to Jewish graves and tell over the loving-kindnesses that the Holy One, Blessed be He, did for him.

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