Tuesday, October 30, 2012

דעת COGNIZANCE (da'as): book two 4-11

4. When thoughts of idol worship come to a person, and he nullifies them by thinking of his faith in [G-d], then his thoughts become an aspect of dew of blessing. Also, through this, his mind has fortitude and does not ever become confused; even when the mind becomes tired from pondering some deep concept, then the Holy One, Blessed be He, arranges for him thoughts which relax his mind.

5. Through the merit of those who sustain the poor, the masses are saved from plagues. Also in their merit, expanded consciousness precedes constricted consciousness (t.n. This is the secret of the first night of Passover, as discussed at great length in the holy Nanach books, especially Likutay Halachos).

6. Even in wantonness and foolishness there is wisdom.

7. The voice that emanates from a holy intelligent person is a segula (conducive) to awe.

8. Through confusion of the mind, one's sense of awe is damaged. Also through confusion of the mind, one's dominion falters.

9. The sages of the generation are the clothing of the generation. According to their wisdom, so too will be the drawing close (to G-d) and the (spiritual) perception of the generation. Or the opposite -- that is, becoming distanced from G-d, Blessed is He, G-d forbid. In the future, there will be no need to attain G-dliness through smarts, for there will the fulfillment of the verse "your teachers will no longer enclothe you...” (Yeshiyahu 30:20).

10. One who wants to have deep comprehension and contemplate some issue, needs to attach his intellect to the Holy Temple. A sign for this can be learned from the verses, "I raise my cognizance to the the distance” (Iyov 36:3), and "and he saw the place (meaning the site of the Temple) in the distance.” (Bereshit 22:4)

11. Through faith, the mind is settled.

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