Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Drunkenness - BOOK TWO


1. One who is eagerly desirous to work the land, comes to one of three things; either murder, or leprosy, or drunkenness.

2. Drunkenness causes exile, and also causes spilling seed wastefully.

3. It is impossible that drunkenness will not lead to some mishap.

4. Through drunkenness, one forgets the warnings of Moshe Rabbeinu. For Moshe is enclothed in the 248 limbs of a man, and in each and every limb, he warns the man regarding the mitzvos contingent to it. Because of this Moshe is called “Mechokek” (one who engraves) [the law], which has the gematria (numerical value) of 248.

5. Through drunkenness, one removes the kindness which clothe the 'daas' (realization of knowledge), and clothe it with intense harshness, G-d forbid.

6. One who has enemies should swear off wine, and through this he will become their head.

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