Monday, October 22, 2012

אמונה Faith - book one - 10 -20

10. Faith depends on a person's mouth.

11. Through learning [Torah], all the heresies are broken.

12. Through faith, one is blessed.

13. Through excessive eating, we fall from faith.

14. When you gaze at the skies when they are clear and bright, you merit faith in the sages.

15. When some difficulty about Hashem, may He be Blessed, befalls [you], then be silent. Through the silence, your thoughts will themselves provide you the answer to your question.

16. When they insult you, and you [remain] silent, you merit to understand an answer to your problem, and you merit the spirit of understanding.

17. When a person has learned and very wealthy opposers, know that this happened because he fell many times from faith.

18. Faith is considered like charity.

19. Through faith, one become wise.

20. At first, one needs to believe in Hashem, may He be Blessed, and afterwards, he merits to understand Him intellectually.

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