Sunday, October 28, 2012

רפואה HEALING:


1. Know, that every herb has its unique power to heal a specific sickness. However, all this is only relevant for one who did not preserve his faith, his covenant (sexual purity), and did not guard himself from transgressing “Do not disdain anyone.” However, one whose faith is complete, who guards his sexual purity and is wary not transgress “Do not disdain…”—his healing is not dependent on herbs specific to his illness, rather, he can be healed by all foods and drinks, in the aspect of "and He will bless your bread,” (Shemot 23:25) and he does not need to wait until the herbs specific to his disease are available to him.

2. Through in-depth study of the secrets of Torah, one can cause barren women to conceive and heal serious illnesses.

3. For leprosy salty things are detrimental, and its healing is fresh [naturally flowing] water. A sign for this [Job 36:27]: "The diminishing of the drops of water," that is, the leprosy that comes from the overwhelming of the blood over the water (mixed in it), through which "Yazoku – sending – rain to it's cloud". (The word Yazoku signifies damage.) [t.n. Is seems that “rain to it's cloud” is an aspect of fresh water, thus leprosy can be seen as a deficiency of fresh water – thus establishing that it can be cured by fresh water and damaged by salty things which are the anti-thesis of fresh water].

4. Looking at the etrog is a healing for pain in the eyes.

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