Tuesday, October 30, 2012

דעת COGNIZANCE (da'as): book one 11-25

11. The Holy One, Blessed be He, emanates temporary prophecy to a prophet sent on a mission, even if he is not a sage.

12. The sages can grasp with wisdom many concepts that natural intelligence cannot conceive.

13. One who wants to become wise should turn south (when praying - Rash”i).

14. When a person wants to know what to do in a given situation, he should open up a (holy) book, and he will understand what to do. [t.n. The Nanach mesora in Breslov is that before opening the book one should achieve an impartial state, not favoring one course of action over another].

15. Olive oil tunes up the (cognizance of the) heart.

16. One who goes in simplicity becomes intelligent.

17. One who has faith, merits afterward to serve G-d with great cognizance.

18. Through awe, one merits to cognizance.

19. Through being acquainted with righteous people, one merits to understanding and cognizance.

20. One who conducts himself with modesty has mental clarity.

21. What is seen with the eye, that thing is easier to understand.

22. One who guards himself from food cooked by a non-Jew and wine impurified by a non-Jew, merits wisdom, and understands every book he studies.

23. One who is arrogant does not merit to understand G-d's dominion over everything.

24. When you don't do kindness, through this you don't have cognizance.

25. If you do any damage, you should know that you violated your cognizance.

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