Wednesday, October 24, 2012

פדיון שבויים REDEEMING PRISONERS book one

book one

1. Through haughtiness of the heart, one falls into incarceration.

2. One who
agrees with the non-Jews falls into their hands. Rather, one should contradict all of their words.

3. Someone who says a statement in the name of the one who said it (originator), brings redemption to the world.

4. Through redeeming prisoners, the redeemer's dispersed are gathered.

5. Someone who does not leave his house is considered as if incarcerated.

6. Through the sin of homosexuality, one becomes incarcerated.

7. Someone who has mercy on prisoners, the Holy One, Blessed be He, saves him from death.

8. Someone who is incarcerated, it is certain that his soul above is also incarcerated.

9. Someone who comes to the Tzadik and asks the Tzadik advice, and afterwards violates his advice, as a result, he becomes incarcerated.

10. One who feeds bread to the hungry, the Holy One, Blessed be He, saves him from the jailhouse.

11. One who did not fix the sins of his youth, as a result, he goes to the jail house.

12. Someone who is accustomed to performing circumcisions, or providing for the expenses of the circumcision feast for a poor person, through this, he is saved from the jail house.

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