Monday, October 22, 2012

אמונה Faith - book two 1 - 9


1. Sometimes, a person comes to a certain place, and he suffers in that place. He should know that his forefathers were in this place, and some heresy befell them. Or, his children will come at this place to some heresy. Because of this, he bears suffering now in this place.

2. Through flattery, one comes to heresy.

3. The Holy One Blessed be He does not perform wonders except for one who believes in two worlds.

4. Through faith, the decrees that the nations decree upon us are nullified.

5. Know, that each and every grass has a specific power to heal some specific sickness. This is only for someone who not does not guard his faith and his [organ of the] covenant, and does not guard himself from transgressing "do not disdain anyone". But someone who has perfect faith, and he also guards his [organ of the] covenant and fulfills "do not disdain anyone", his healing does not depend on types of grasses which are specific to his illness. Rather, he is healed by all food and drink, in the aspect of "He will bless your bread ...", and he does not need to wait until they provide specific grasses for his healing.

6. The main salvation which is coming, is only through faith. And the attribute of faith is according to the leaders of the generation.

7. When one goes from master to master, then he needs to strengthen his faith in the Unity of Hashem, may He be Blessed. Because learning from many teachers damages faith in the Unity. So too, the master who has faith in the Unity, he is able to illuminate to each and every student according to his ability, and each student only hears what he needs, and no more.

8. Consolation comes through faith.

9. Through the diminishment of faith, flies increase in the world.

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