Monday, October 22, 2012

אמונה Faith - book one - 54 - 68

54. From the breath of the mouth of the liar, the Evil Inclination is created. So when the Messiah comes, then there will be no falsehood. As a result, there will be no Evil Inclination in the world.

55. Someone who is a man of truth, he can recognize in another person if the other person speaks truth or not.

56. Falsehood -- the majority will not agree to (/upon) it.

57. The Holy One Blessed be He hates the man who says one thing with his mouth and other in his heart.

58. A deceitful wealthy person (- who denies having the possessions of others) -- the mind cannot bear him. He is also despised in his own eyes.

59. To repair the mouth -- give charity.

60. Through truth, the world is protected from all damages.

61. Through flattery, one comes to falsehood.

62. Someone who gives charity -- his reward is that he will merit truth.

63. Through falsehood, you will certainly hate the humble.

64. A person can be recognized through his servants whether he loves falsehood or not.

65. When there is no truth, there is no kindness.

66. When you have falsehood, when the Holy One Blessed be He wants to perform some salvation for you, then the falsehood reveals your sins, so that He will not save you.

67. Through truth, the Holy One Blessed be He redeems you from all suffering.

68. Better for a person to die, then to live and be considered a liar in the peoples' eyes.

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