Monday, October 22, 2012

אמונה faith - book two 10 -18

10. Someone who guards himself from transgressing "do not covet", through this, he is saved from anger and arrogance and from a lack of faith which comes through anger and arrogance.

11. By not making G-dliness known to the nations of the world, through this, the nations of the world incite and seduce Israel to follow superficial sciences.

12. Through spoiling of faith, judgments are aroused. And through thoughts of idol worship, judgments of judgments are aroused. That is, they judge the judgments that were judged already, as to whether they were judged properly and without leniency.

13. Bereavement of children comes, G-d forbid, to someone who cast down his fellow from faith.

14. A woman who is careful about challah [piece taken from dough] -- her children are faithful.

15. Through faith, the mind is settled.

16. Through Torah one comes to faith, and through faith, one comes to sanctify Hashem.

17. Someone who is not able to sleep, should arouse in his thought faith in the Resurrection of the Dead.

18. Those of little faith -- it is difficult for them to conceive original Torah ideas.

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