Tuesday, October 30, 2012

דעת COGNIZANCE (da'as): book one 26-34

26. When a certain understanding is revealed to a person, it is certain that he will soon be raised some height.

27. When one repents with all his heart, G-d grants his heart to know His desire and will.

28. One who has not rectified his sins, cannot have a relationship with G-d (/know G-d).

29. Through truth, you merit to know the ways of G-d.

30. Also through hosting guests.

31. When you do kindness of truth (/truthful kindness) to the righteous, you merit to know that all the ways -- of prayer, of eating, and of all the other pleasures -- are all the Way of G-d.

32. Through joyous singing, one will be a cognizant person.

33. One who is repaid with evil for the good he did, the Holy One, Blessed is He, has mercy on him and grants him great intelligence in the service of the Creator.

34. According to the measure a man increases doing good deeds, so the Holy One, blessed is He, deepens his intelligence, that is, he gives him a great mind.

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