Wednesday, October 10, 2012

נהנה מאחרים ACCEPTING BENEFIT FROM OTHERS: - book one



1. When a tzaddik accepts money from a wicked person, even if the money is possibly stolen, it is permitted for the tzaddik to accept it, so that the wicked one will not take on some wicked Torah scholar, claiming that the scholar is a tzaddik, giving him the money, and he will oppose the True Tzaddik.

2. Since the proliferation of those who accept gifts, days have become diminished and years shortened.

3. A person who you received benefit from one time - do not humiliate him.

4. One who weighs his clout on the Jewish people ends up being needy of others.

5. One who does favors for others is permitted to benefit from them, and they ought to serve him.

6. Through the benefit you receive from your fellow man, through this you suffer pain due to his sins.

7. One who does not accept money from others, will raise all his seed (the Hebrew word for raise or bring up, can also mean will make great).

8. The King funds his expenditures from the people.

9. One must be involved in some form of business, in order that ultimately he will not need arrest the study of (lit. words of) Torah.

10. One who asks for his portion verbally is as if he had stolen.

11. One who is reliant on his friend's table, his world is darkened, and his life is not considered life.

12. One who has a neshamah (Jewish soul) is able to enjoy from smell.

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