Tuesday, October 30, 2012

דעת COGNIZANCE (da'as): book two 1-3


1. Know, that every world and every creation has its own unique structure and unique construction. For example, the lion's profile is different than that of the sheep; in its strength, and in the structure of its limbs, (and its voice). Also, within the species of the lion itself, there is a distinction between each one. Further, in all the created beings, their differences are all encoded in the image of the letters and their permutations. One who merits understanding the Torah can understand the code of all the differences between the creations, and will also know their unification -- that is, their origins and purposes (/beginnings and endings). For in origin and purpose (/beginning and end), they are united without differentiation.

2. Know, that according to greatness of one's knowledge of the Torah and of the natural world, so the world is placed and committed in his charge. Thus, the lions were subdued under Daniel, for Daniel was a great sage, and no secret was concealed from him (Daniel 4:6), and he knew the nature of the lion. Nature acts according to the wisdom of the Torah, and it is under the power of that wisdom.

(Transcriber's note: I heard from our Teacher, Rabbi Natan, may the memory of the tzadik be for blessing, that this paragraph – 2, is connected to the one above it – 1, to what is explained there, “One who merits understanding the Torah can understand the code of all the differences between the creations etc.” because this is the aspect of all the natural phenomena of the world, and building on this comes article 2, “Know, that according to the greatness of one's knowledge of the Torah and of the natural world,” i.e. according to how much one merits to understand the permutations of the letters of the Torah, because according to the greatness of his understanding of the letters of the Torah and their permutations etc. so too will be the greatness of his knowledge of the nature of the world, understand this. Refer to Likutey Halachot, Yoreh Deah, Laws of Circumcision, Law 5, article 23 and 24, until the end of the chapter. See there a wondrous explanation of this, and it will forever pleasant for you. The truth is, whoever looks with a good eye, with a true eye, with a straight heart, does not have any problems with this (t.n. The opposers somehow took this entry and tried to use it for bad ends), on the contrary, from here can be seen the wondrous greatness of G-d and his true tzadikim. The opposers who speak against the venerated tzadik, who from the start look at his books with a bad eye, seeking and searching to make a libel, no explanation would be sufficient. For after all these words and truth, he will search and seek to accuse and wrong, to speak against the above mentioned tzadik and his students, may their merit protect us, venerated, with haughtiness and scoffing. Even still I was unable to hold back from presenting what I heard a little about this, and the truth endures, whereas lies are ephemeral, and G-d is forever true, and will save us from double edged sword, just like His Mercy, Blessed is He, helped us until now, amen so should be His Will. Also see Likutey Moharan, I:19 in the Teaching of “The Prayer of Chabakuk”, and you will understand a little, and also see teaching 17).

3. Through the comprehension a person reaches, that the Holy One, Blessed is He, is One, and that there is no other beside Him, through this he forces the angels of heaven to form into a golem and embark to do his bidding.

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