Sunday, October 14, 2012

חלום DREAM:

חלום DREAM:

1. For a bad dream, say in the morning, "The dreams speak vainly."

2. For a good dream, say in a tone of wonderment, "Could it be that dreams speak vainly, when it is written 'In a dream I speak to him,” (Bamidbar, 12:6) [describing the way G-d communicates with prophets.]

3. One who conducts himself modestly in the lavatory his dreams will be settled.

4. Through speaking disparagingly about a tzaddik who has passed away one is shown nightmares.

5. One who sees nightmares, it is a sign that a son or student will turn heretic in public (lit. burn the food he is cooking).


1. One who wants his dreams to be realized should write them in his ledger, and the day, the hour, and the place.

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