Tuesday, October 30, 2012

דעת COGNIZANCE (da'as): book one 1-10

1. Sometimes G-d brings things upon a person, so that through them the person will understand His mercy and G-dliness.

2. Someone whose mind is confused should frequently say the prayer of Habakuk

3. Also (for a confused mind), it is a segulah to learn "Sifte Cohen” (Cohen's Lips – commentary on the Shulchan Aruch – Code of Jewish Law), also eating wheat.

4. People's food conceive character in a person according to their (the food's) character.

5. The taste of wheat brings cognizance (da'as) to man.

6. Wine and fragrance tune up one's cognizance.

7. Dissension causes the mind to be unsettled.

8. A person suffers more from what he sees with his eyes than the pain that he feels from information.

9. One who engages in the study of Torah and doing of kindness merits understanding.

10. Through eating bread in the morning (pas shacharis), one becomes wise.

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