Saturday, October 20, 2012

הרהורים THOUGHTS book one 29-41

29. Through love for women, honor is taken away from you. Also, your wife does not grasp the seed, and miscarries, and at the time of birth, the child dies.

30. Through strife comes thoughts of idol worship. Also, a house in which there is strife will be a house of idol worship.

31. When foreign thoughts come to a person, he should raise his voice as if he were crying, and through this, the foreign thoughts will depart from him.

32. Through oaths and curses come bad thoughts.

33. Through having trust (in G-d), evil thoughts will not come to you.

34. Grinding the teeth is conducive
(segula) to nullifying evil thoughts.

35. According to the place in the prayer, so do the holy sparks clothe themselves in distractions and come to a person in order to be rectified.

36. [Learning] Tractate Yadayim (hands) is conducive (
segula) to nullifying bad thoughts.

37. Someone whose prayer is only for the sake of the Divine Presence, will not have foreign thoughts come to him.

38. Through peace, His Name, may He be Blessed, is elevated.

39. When a man or woman thinks at the time of marital relations about some non-Jewish man or woman, and the thought is with love for that non-Jewish man or woman, then the child who is born from these relations will abandon the Jewish faith.

40. The ritual fringes are a fence (safeguard) for lewdness.

41. Through visiting the sick, one is saved from the evil inclination.

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