Thursday, October 11, 2012



1. One who has not rectified the sins of his youth, through this worries come upon him.

2. For the most part, suffering comes to a man through his speech.

3. When you are suffering, speak about this suffering.

4. Through worries of the heart, falls upon the person fear of death.

5. Through submission, evil and sorrow are annulled.

6. One who is depressed should gaze upon the tzaddikim, and joy will come to his heart.

7. When you enter the house of a non-Jew, through this depression comes [upon you].

8. Through depression one becomes weakened.

9. Through an evil heart, one's face is transformed.

10. When you have anguish on a day of joy, and all your happiness is dispelled, know that your ancestral merit has been exhausted.

11. One who is depressed should continually give a gift to a tzaddik.

12. Through depression come fires (burnings).

13. Depression is a sign that some disease is about to manifest.

14. Due to depression, the Holy One, Blessed be He, is not with him.

15. Through depression, one has (lit. sees) a (wasteful unintentional) seminal emission.

16. Depression comes through anger.

17. Through depression, a person does not reach his aspiration.

18. Due to depression, one is degraded.

19. Due to weeping, a person is unable to eat.

20. One who is not depressed, but is always joyful, will certainly be raised up.

21. Through depression comes degradation.

22. Crying is a positive sign for a sick person.

23. Through anguish, one's enemies are highly elevated.

24. Through anguish comes heart pain.

25. One who is hasty is gloomy (sad/annoyed/irritated).

26. Drawing close to tzaddikim makes the heart joyous.

27. A segulah for removing depression is to listen to an honored tzaddik when he sings.

28. One who does not confess his sins has sighing and worries come upon him.

29. When a person lusts after things that are against [the Will of] the Holy One, Blessed be He, through this anguish (/sighing) comes upon him.

30. Sadness due to a bad dream annuls [the influence of] the dream, preventing it from coming to pass.

31. Voice, appearance, and scent restore a person's wellbeing (lit. knowledge/awareness).

32. Through screaming, one's pain is annulled.

33. One who is depressed brings suffering upon himself.

34. One who draws too far after his own suffering, suffering draws towards him.

35. Dates annul worry.

36. Aggadah (Talmudic legends) brings joy to a man.

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