Tuesday, October 23, 2012

יראה - fear of G-d BOOK TWO


1. Through fear of G-d and kindness, one is saved from fire and merits a livelihood.

2. A place of [Torah] decision (i.e. where the scholars study, decide, and teach the proper Torah conduct) is helpful for fear of G-d.

3. Through learning the Shulchan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law), one comes to fear of G-d.

4. Through the outstanding and sharp ones of the generation, fear of G-d is illuminated, and through fear of G-d, the merit of the forefathers is sparked, and through the sparkling of the forefathers, repentance is aroused in the world.

5. There is power in the hand of the individual to cast off the yoke of Heaven, but it is not within the hand of the masses to cast off the yoke of Heaven.

6. The voice that emanates from an intelligent, holy person is a
segula (conducive) to fear of G-d.

7. Through confusion of the intellect, fear of G-d is ruined. Also, through confusion of the intellect, one's authority falls.

8. Monetary interest causes a loss of fear of G-d.

9. Those who draw close to G-d fearing people, they also merit fear of G-d and knowledge.

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