Saturday, October 20, 2012

הרהורים THOUGHTS book one 1-15

הרהורים THOUGHTS

1. Through humility, one is saved from thoughts of idol worship.

2. When you are praying and thoughts of idol worship befall you, concentrate on the name "

3. Good thoughts come through confession that is confessed before a Torah scholar.

4. Someone who tells stories that happened to righteous men, through this, good thoughts are drawn to him.

5. Someone who has bad thoughts, should judge everyone favorably always.

6. Through tears, all lusts become despicable.

7. Someone who does not believe in the Tzadik, as a result, his heart is not right with Hashem, may He be Blessed.

8. The belt that a Tzadik was girded with -- when you gird yourself with it, it is conducive
(segula) to nullify evil thoughts.

9. Through falsehood, the holy covenant (male's sexuality) becomes desecrated.

10. Someone who sanctifies himself, and pride arises in his mind, when he breaks the pride, he attains and acquires the Torah.

11. Crying out nullifies ulterior motives.

12. Learning the four [sections] of the Shulchan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law) nullifies ulterior motives.

13. Thinking about some Torah [thought] that you innovated is conducive to nullifying alien thoughts.

14. Someone who has bad thoughts should speak disgraceful words to himself.

15. Eating and drinking disturb the thought process.

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