Tuesday, October 16, 2012

אכילה EATING: book one

אכילה EATING:


1. From what you eat, leave over, so that G-d’s blessing may imbue your food.

2. A man’s [proper conduct at his] table purifies him from all his sins.

3. A man’s [proper conduct at his] table merits him the World to Come, and merits livelihood, and that he is inscribed for good in the highest heights; and it merits him additional strength and might at the time he needs it.

4. Due to the sin of procrastinating justice, and distorting, and ruining judgment, and for neglect of Torah [study], drought comes, and people eat without being satiated, and they eat their bread in measured rations.

5. When one eats a little, he is (lit. his heart is) drawn more after food than one who has not eaten at all and has already given up on eating.

6. Why did the Jews become liable to annihilation? Because they took part in the feast of that evil one [Achashverosh, in the story of Purim].

7. The Altar of the Holy Temple dispels evil decrees, atones sins, nourishes and gives love. And the table (on which one eats) is similar to the Altar.

8. One who eats without first washing his hands (in the way prescribed by halacha) is as if he had relations with a prostitute. And one who trivializes the ritual hand-washing is uprooted from the world.

9. One should not drink water in public.

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