Thursday, October 25, 2012



1. Through charity one merits to grace.

2. Through humility one merits to grace.

3. To find grace, one should be a host to guests.

4. Also, one should guard oneself from forbidden foods, and guard one's mouth from forbidden speech.

5. One who expends money to acquire a rabbi from whom to learn, through this he will find grace.

6. When you defer, you will find grace.

7. Through [giving] rebuke, you will find grace.

8. Olive oil is a segula (propitious) for grace.

9. A segulah for finding grace is to write on parchment, "Silver and gold kindness and truth champion."

10. By the awe [you have] for a Torah scholar, you merit to grace.

11. Words that are spoken (lit. come out) calmly are accepted by people.

12. There are fish which are conducive to grace.

13. Learning Torah while traveling gives one grace.


1. When a man comes to a city to live, he should send meat to the poor of the city, and through this he will find grace in the eyes of the city's officials.

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