Tuesday, October 23, 2012

פחד FEAR book one 1- 18


1. At the time that an evildoer becomes afraid, it is
certain that, at this time, the Holy One Blessed be He grants the Tzadik his desire.

2. Through fear comes stumbling.

3. Through trust [in G-d], you will be saved from fear.

4. A
segula (effective way) to nullify fear is to remember our father Avraham.

5. With charity, you will nullify fear.

6. An effective way to nullify fear is to say "Hashem Tzva-os" (t.n. This is probably an inference to the verses in Psalms 46:8, 84:13, 20:10. These three verses are found together throughout the prayers and are known for their saving powers).

7. Through fear, arrogance is nullified.

8. Fear saps a person's strength.

9. An intelligent person has nothing to fear from just a (/random) noise.

10. Someone who becomes frightened, even though he does not see, his
mazal (fortune) sees. To remedy this, he should jump from his place a distance of four cubits, or recite the Shema, or say, "the goats in the butcher shop are fatter than I".

11. Someone who has fears should sing a song of joy.

12. By picturing the name Elokim before your eyes, fears will leave you.

13. Someone who consumes Jewish money, fears come to him.

14. Someone who is not careful with the blessings at the beginning and end [of eating], fears come to him.

15. Through trust in [G-d], you will not have fear (t.n. See above 3).

16. Willow branches beaten [on Hoshana Rabba] have segula (are conducive) to nullifying fear.

17. One who listens to and obeys a Torah courts decision (/Torah law) will be saved from fear.

18. Three hundred and ten immersions [in a ritual bath] nullify fear. One should also give a gift to a Tzadik.

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