Tuesday, October 23, 2012

יראה FEAR OF G-D book one 1-14


1. Someone who is not wise in his own eyes is able to come to fear of G-d.

2. Someone who draws close to an elder and withstands his anger, through this he merits fear of G-d.

3. When someone has the opportunity to do kindness and he does not bestow it, through this, he falls from his fear of G-d.

4. Someone who minimizes conversation will merit fear of G-d.

5. Someone who speaks and motivates his friend to fear of Heaven -- all the words that leave his mouth at the time that he speaks with his friend get made into a book.

6. Someone who has fear of Heaven, his words are heard.

7. Crying over the death of a kosher person is considered like fear of Heaven.

8. Fear of Hashem increases for a person beyond what his
mazal (fortune) mandates, and the opposite is also true.

9. Through serving righteous people, one comes to fear of Heaven, and the opposite is also true.

10. Shame leads to fear of sin.

11. The merit of fear of G-d lasts for a thousand generations.

12. Someone who does not leave behind a son or a student, this is called "not fearing Elo-him".

13. Covering the head brings one to fear of G-d.

14. A person from whom the populace is blessed certainly has fear of Heaven.

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