Saturday, October 20, 2012

הרהורים THOUGHTS book one 42-57

42. The evil inclination does not rule except on what his eyes see.

43. (Someone who reaches) twenty years old and has not married a woman, all of his days he will have thoughts of sin.

44. Someone who commits a sin and afterwards thinks about doing more, even though he doesn't do it, is punished for the thought.

45. To push away the evil inclination, say, "The Merciful One berates the Satan (Rachamana nigahr bey baSatan)."

46. The coveting and evil thoughts which arise in the heart suddenly, which are not in a person's power to prevent, one is not punished for them, unless one repeatedly thinks about them.

47. For most bad character traits, it is good to bloodlet.

48. Through eating fish, lust is increased.

49. Someone who eats through the merit of his forefathers, thoughts of idol worship befall him.

50. Through homosexuality comes thoughts of idol worship.

51. One who thinks (sexually) about a Cuthean [non-Jewish] woman, comes to thoughts of idol worship.

52. One who looks at nakedness, his hardness becomes aroused.

53. One who belittles the Festival holy days, it is as if he worships idols.

54. Someone who has faith, the Holy One, Blessed be He, protects him from coming into the grip of [bad] thoughts, and he proceeds to That World [to Come] without sin, and the Holy One, Blessed be He, helps him.

55. At the time that they are involved in Torah and acts of kindness, their [evil] urge is placed under their control.

56. Someone who has enjoyment from something heretical, he will eventually be compelled to idol worship.

57. When someone holds himself back from sins and seeks atonement, this causes that he will not even sin in thought.

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