Tuesday, October 23, 2012

פחד FEAR book one 19 - 34 (end)

19. Through truth, a person is saved from fear at night.

20. Through humility, you will not have fear.

21. A house in which there is fear, it is certain that the Other Side has a portion in it.

22. When there is some fear and, afterwards, a fire (burning) comes, it is certain that the fear will be annulled.

23. Fear comes through flattery.

24. When Israel is united, the nations fear them.

25. When they forget Hashem, may He be Blessed, and do not rely on him, through this, they fear the nations.

26. Through worry comes fear.

27. Through fear comes lies.

28. The light of a candle is a
segula for (conducive to reducing) fear.

29. Through boasting of wealth comes fear.

30. Fear comes through anger.

31. Through worry and fear, the heart becomes sealed (insensitive).

32. By learning Torah at the table at mealtime, one is saved from fear.

33. Someone who has fear -- this is a sign that the Holy One, Blessed be He, hides His Face from him, and a sign that judgments rest on him.

34. One who does not confess his sins -- fear comes to him.

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