Tuesday, October 23, 2012

יראה FEAR OF G-D book one 28-38 (end)

28. Someone who has fear of G-d, when fright comes to the world, he will not be afraid. Rather, he will even be happy.

29. Someone who has fear of G-d will certainly humble himself before the Tzadik.

30. Through haughtiness, there is no fear of G-d.

31. To [acquire] fear of G-d, go to the ritual bath.

32. Through sanctifying the Name [of G-d], you will come to fear of G-d.

33. Intentional sins remove the fear of G-d from before his eyes.

34. Someone who does not pay attention to the day of death, through this, he has no fear of G-d.

35. When a person falls from his fear of G-d, it is known that they judge him Above.

36. Through the gift that one gives to the righteous, one merits fear of G-d.

37. Also, 310 immersions in a ritual bath are a
segula (conducive) to fear of G-d.

38. Desire -- that a person desires to perform a Torah commandment -- is a sign that he has fear of G-d.

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