Monday, October 29, 2012

Honor - book one 15-29

15. When you give honor to a man, give honor also to the one serving him.

16. When the dead are unearthed, it is certain that the Holy One, Blessed be He, wanted to bring some humiliation on the living, and the matter was overturned.

17. One who transgresses the command of the Tzaddik, he falls from his importance.

18. Through chasing after honor one comes to idolatrous thoughts.

19. A man with a position of importance, it is not necessary to (i.e. one should not) humiliate him, even if he is wicked.

20. It is necessary to give honor to the monarchy, even though he worships idolatry.

21. Through the honor one gives to the Torah, one is saved from his enemies.

22. A miracle’s honor is in its coming discreetly.

23. One who is despised, it is certain that he likes falsehood.

24. A man’s clothes give honor to the man.

25. Honor is dependent upon the soul.

26. Honor is dependent upon the desire in the heart.

27. If you are being pursued (/attacked), you will merit to have honor in this world.

28. Through visiting the sick, everyone is honored with him.

29. One who gains prestige by the shame of his friend will not merit to a book named after him.

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