Tuesday, November 13, 2012

נגינה MUSIC:


1. When tzaddikim are publicized in the world, through this new melodies are brought into the world.

2. The Leviim had a special melody designated for each day, but now, in the Exile, the melodies have been forgotten. When some tragedy comes upon some nation, the melody of the Leviim corresponding to that crisis is aroused (lit. sparks or glistens).

3. Through the melodies that contain a tone of crying, it is possible to release the captives, the aspect of "He brings out prisoners bakosharot (in a kosher – propitious – time).” [t.n. The word bakosharot is split into two words (by the Medrash): beki – meaning crying, shirot – meaning song = song with a crying tone].

4. Through song, a person can be discerned if he accepted upon himself the yoke of Torah.

5. That which a person when he drinks begins to sing and make melody (/music), which is not so when he eats -- this is because they (the Jews in the desert) expressed shira (song of praise and gratitude to G-d) over the Well, and not over the Manna.

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