Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ממון MONEY: book one 56-63

56. Through poverty, one is spared from the punishment of Hell.

57. Through using holy names, come poverty and death, and even to someone who is able to protest it and does not.

58. When someone is in a position that he should be screaming out against his fellowman who is stealing from him even jeopardizing his food, but is silent, G-d does justice for him.

59. When a man sees that his food (/income) is limited, he should give part of it to charity.

60. Worry and strain over his income (/food) diminishes the strength of a man.

61. Through sexual immorality comes poverty.

62. Sometimes when a tzaddik has no fortune with respect to income, opposers are brought up against him, and through this, he is given the income that was intended for them.

63. One who is involved with construction becomes poor.

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