Thursday, November 8, 2012

רחמנות MERCY: book one

1. One who has mercy on the poor, merits to see the comfort of G-d, may He be blessed.

2. Also, he will always win.

3. When there is no mercy, hunger comes to the world.

4. Also, thievery increases.

5. One who prays with force merits to have mercy on the poor.

6. One who does not have mercy goes insane.

7. One who pays back good for evil, increases his length of days and years.

8. Through having mercy, your base desires are annulled.

9. When you see that your brother is in pain, and you do not help him, it is as if you did the harm.

10. One who sees his friend in pain must ask for mercy on his behalf.

11. Through asking for mercy, one merits to make marital matches which are good and honorable.

12. One who judges people favorably merits receiving the festivals appropriately.

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