Wednesday, November 7, 2012

אהבה LOVE: book one

1. When there is no love between people, they go about gossiping. Through gossip, they come to mockery, and through mockery, they speak falsehood.

2. Through hatred comes upheaval, and through hatred come fires (lit: things get burned).

3. Through the love of the L-rd, may He be blessed, the soul is guarded from all evil calamities.

4. If you first repent from your sins, you can come to love of the L-rd, Blessed be He.

5. One who prays with self-sacrifice for the people of Israel is loved by all.

6. Through love, one is strengthened.

7. If you strengthen a person in his service of G-d, blessed-be-He, he will love you.

8. Through saying Hallel in a loud voice, one merits to love of G-d, blessed-be-He.

9. If you will be careful to avoid needless hatred, then when you have a legal case with a strongman who isn't willing to settle with you, through this he will settle with you.

10. One who is careful to avoid making a false oath, he certainly will not transgress the commandments not to take revenge and not to bear a grudge.

11. Garlic is conducive (segula) to love.

12. One who serves out of love -- his merit protects for two thousand generations.

13. In the place where an agreement or a covenant is made, the L-rd, blessed is He, is present there.

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