Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ממון MONEY: book two 1-6


1. A year which is a year of business is a good sign for physical health.

2. One who is passionate about working the land, comes to one of three things, either, spilling blood (i.e. murder), or leprosy, or drunkenness.

3. Through fear (of Heaven) and kindness, one is saved from fire, and merits a livelihood.

4. When Torah arbitration decreases, through this income decreases, and so too the opposite.

5. Through the finding of Torah sources for Rabbinic traditions, large income is delivered (/emanated) into the world. This is because there are various things that we don't find a reference to them in the Scriptures of the Torah, and the Sages of blessed memory labored to find them some sort of basis.

6. Sometimes G-d brags about the upright of the nations in front of the Satan, so that He can give livelihood to Israel without accusation.

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