Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ממון MONEY: book one 94-101

94. Blessing is not prevalent in the house of a man except for the sake of the honor of his wife (therefore a man should be diligent in honoring his wife).

95. One who lends on interest, his possessions collapse and do not rise.

96. Through the annulling of irreverent music, prices are lowered.

97. One who has no livelihood should study Torah and afterwards pray for a livelihood – certainly his prayer will be accepted.

98. A man should not sell the first item he purchased.

99. One who intrudes on the livelihood of his fellowman is called an evildoer.

100. No man would come to hurt his friend, if not for the arrogance in his heart.

101. Crumbs are conducive to poverty.

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