Tuesday, November 6, 2012

למוד LEARNING: book one 40-49

40. It is very beneficial to learn near rivers.

41. One who engages in Torah at night is as if he is engaged in the service (of the Holy Temple).

42. One who studies the laws of the Temple Service, it is as if the Holy Temple was rebuilt in his days.

43. One who teaches Torah to an unfit student falls into Hell, and is as if he were casting a stone to the (idol) marcolis.

44. The Torah itself was given to all of Israel. But pilpul (formulating and developing argumentation and disputations) was only granted to Moshe alone, and he, in his generosity, gave it to all Israel.

45. When a man gives himself over entirely (hefker) to teach the Torah to all, the Torah is granted to him as a gift.

46. The Torah (one learns) is only preserved by one who impoverishes himself for her (by abstaining from any business), and by one who makes himself as if without knowledge.

47. Learning precedes fear of sin, and fear of sin precedes in-depth study.

48. Through eating bread in the morning (pas shacharis), one's learning is preserved, and one merits to learn and teach.

49. Torah study must specifically be recited aloud, for the learning which is only in thought is forgotten, and does not come to be actualized in deed.

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