Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ממון MONEY: book one 27-33

27. A rectification for (lack of) rain – make abundant prayer.

28. Through faith, livelihood is abundant.

29. When there is prosperity (lit. satiation – antonym of famine) in the world, physical weaknesses are diminished.

30. The rain is only withheld due to those who publicly pledge charity and do not give.

31. Disgusting things (or actions) in the house bring poverty.

32. Three things bring a man to poverty: 1) One who urinates in front of his bed, naked, 2) One who is careless in ritual handwashing, and 3) One whose wife curses him in front of him.

33. Giving tithes is conducive (segula) to wealth specifically in the Land of Israel.

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