Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ממון MONEY: book one 34-42

34. Honor to the Torah and honor to the Shabbat is a segula (conducive) for wealth.

35. The kezayit (measure like that of an olive) of bitter herbs that is eaten on Passover, is a segula (conducive) for wealth.

36. Writing a Torah scroll is a segula (conducive) for livelihood.

37. A daughter of a Cohen marrying a common Jew, or a daughter of a Torah scholar marrying an unlearned man, brings him to poverty.

38. Joining forces with one whose fortunate hour is at hand is good for success.

39. One who loves G-d in the midst of his eating, drinking and other pleasures, merits supporting many nations.

40. One who despises money merits length of days.

41. One who searches after treasures brings his time of death closer.

42. One who has not rectified the sins of his youth becomes impoverished.

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