Wednesday, November 7, 2012



1. A woman who bleeds abundantly is an excessive talker. She should not beautify herself in people's eyes, also she should wash in spring water, also she should not exert herself excessively. Also, her husband should be careful with ritual hand washing. Also, she should not get angry. Also, after her immersion she should give charity. Also her husband should learn the tractate Nidah (Menstrual Impurity), and afterwards recite the Song for the Day (every day of the week has a different Psalm). Also, she should wash herself with things that can be raised from nets in the river. Also, she should drink goats' milk. Also, she should wash herself using goat feathers, and smoke herself in frankincense.

2. A woman who is oozing blood should write the letters lo echad (not one), and carry it on her.

3. A woman who is immodest, through this she does not have a set time for her period and bleeds abundantly.

4. A woman in her time of impurity, who saw blood by chance, it is because of a sin of the husband.


1. A woman who does not have a period should fast.

2. A segula (conducive) to restore to a woman her period, is through hospitality.

3. One whose business and dealings are with the non-Jewish nations at the time of their festivals -- or even not at that time, but he derives an income from supplying them with articles to be used for their idol worship -- through this, his wife bleeds immediately following her immersion.

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