Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ממון MONEY: book one 43-50

43. One who exhausts himself day and night for an income, and does not attain it, his rectification is to bring others back in repentance.

44. One who breaks some vessel unintentionally, it is certain that he is a sinner.

45. One who is enthusiastic (/bent) to work the land, certainly he is of no benefit.

46. In everything you do, ask the Tzaddik to pray on your behalf.

47. Constant joyfulness is conducive (segula) for success.

48. Derech Eretz (trade or occupation) needs encouragement (/strengthening).

49. One who includes G-d in his pain, his income is doubled. Also, his income flies to him like a bird.

50. Through the sin of neglecting terumos (portion given to the priests), and tithe-giving, profit is lost, and people run after their income and do not attain it.

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