Wednesday, November 7, 2012

אהבה LOVE: book two

1. When plants grow to completeness, through this there is love in the world

2. The love of a woman for her husband can be discerned by the flies and mosquitoes in the house. Also, through their love, it is possible to know the power of the evil inclination, whether it has been weakened or not.

3. Sages of the generation with love between them, that they see each other occasionally, then they have the power to judge the whole world, and their judgment stands, and no one can change or annul their judgment, for the Holy One Blessed be He is their Supreme Judge of their court.

4. Through needless hatred, one comes to eat non-kosher food (lit: stumbles regarding meat that was not prepared kosher).

5. Through lust of eating, one comes to love one of his sons more than the others.

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