Wednesday, November 7, 2012



1. One who has difficulty finding his soulmate should say the Song at the Sea with concentration.

2. Kiddush Levanah (the Blessing over the New Moon) is a segula (conducive) to finding one's soulmate. A sign for this: The Hebrew word for moon – LiVaNA is the acronym for: "A virgin is married on Wednsday.".

3. By making a marriage to a Torah scholar, benefits and blessings come to a person.

4. By making a marriage to a Torah scholar, one is saved from the punishment that comes through giving advice to do evil against a friend.

5. Through making a marriage to a Torah scholar, through this worthy judges are appointed.

6. One who has difficulty in finding his soulmate should accustom himself to reciting the passages about the sacrifices of the Princes of the Twelve Tribes.

7. A proposed match which is spoken about, even though the actual match is not completed, this is also from Providence, and the proposal itself has an impact on him and her.

8. The shroud which is used to cover the face of the bride before the marriage rites has the power of fertility.

9. Through prayer, one can change his soulmate that was announced in Heaven.

10. One who is careful not to spend the night or to live in a house; two couples in one house, through this he merits to have son-in-laws who are Cohanim (priests) and/or very important.

11. When a man marries a woman after the death of his first wife, his first wife is anguished in the grave.

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