Tuesday, November 6, 2012

לימוד learning BOOK TWO 1-7


1. There are sufferings that come upon a person, whose allotted time is according to the alignment of the stars that determine all such sufferings. However, through the desire and longing that is aroused in students at the time appointed for their study sessions with their rabbi, through this sufferings are annulled before their appointed time.

2. The Torah, the tithes, and the Shabbat give physical life as well (as spiritual life).

3. Through learning the Shulchan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law), one comes to Fear of G-d.

4. One who learns Torah with a pure mind - that his eating is holy to the point that he is nourished from the food that the angels from. Through this his enemies are punished with strangulation. This is learned from Torah passages: "And it was on the third day, at the beginning of the morning (Shemot 19:16)", "And in the morning there was a layer of dew (Shemot 16:13)", "And it was in the watch of the morning (Shemot 14:24)". [An explanation for this can be found in the entry “Eating” book II: 5].

5. Through the outstanding and sharp ones of the generation, fear of G-d is illuminated, and through fear of G-d, the merit of the forefathers is sparked, and through the sparkling of the forefathers, repentance is aroused in the world.

6. Learning (poskim) the works of those who determine the halachah (Jewish law) annuls thoughts of idol worship.

7. When one goes from master to master, then he needs to strengthen his faith in the Unity of Hashem, may He be Blessed. Because learning from many teachers damages faith in the Unity. So too, the master who has faith in the Unity, he is able to illuminate to each and every student according to his ability, and each student only hears what he needs, and no more.

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