Thursday, November 8, 2012

ליצנות MOCKERY:

1. Through mockery, one will have many creditors, and they will rule over him. Also he will fail in promiscuity. Also, his wife will dominate him.

2. Through mockery, one walks and falls (alt. - continuously falls). Also, he comes to falsehood, and wandering from place to place.

3. Through flattery comes mockery.

4. Through mockery comes suffering.

5. Through mockery he does not have wisdom.

6. Mockery makes a person loathsome to G-d and to people.

7. Through mockery come fires (lit. burning).

8. One who mocks the words of the Sages is judged (/sentenced to be committed) in boiling excrement.

9. All forms of mockery are forbidden, except for the mocking of idol-worship.

10. Mockery is a dreadful matter – for it begins with suffering and its end is annihilation.

11. One who mocks, his sustenance is diminished, and he falls into Hell, and he brings destruction to the world.

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